Sultan of my Heart

Hired by the Sultan himself to teach his children at his palace, a Russian teacher finds herself right in the most dangerous place in the entire Ottoman world -The Harem. Will she be able to survive among the concubines and earn the Sultan’s heart or will she surrender to their intrigues and give up at the cost of her love?


Production Year: 2018
Producer: Maya Productions – KIT Productions
Directors: Kerem Çakıroğlu, Eda Teksöz
Screenplay: Osman Bodur, Uğur Uzunok
Stars: Ali Ersan Duru, Aleksandra Nikiforova, Ayten Soykök, Engin Hepileri, Şamil Kafkas, Taner Rumeli, Beste Kökdemir, Tuncer Salman, Sadi Celil Cengiz, Emel Çölgeçen, Itır Esen, Gizem Denizci